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Aesthetic Dentistry Caries, discolorations, small or short teeth, broken, crowding teeth and shape, closing, position and symmetry can affect the smile significantly. In some cases, it may occur that fillers may not be the accurate solution for some aesthetic problems. When it comes to these stages teeth coverings with or without a metal frame support may be considered a solution. In some cases, in order to resolve aesthetic problems at the front side of the mouth, more conservative treatment such as removing the upper cover of the dental tissue in a certain thickness may be applied. Beside all these treatments, concerning spaces between teeth (diastema) a new and special dental design may be easily achieved by restoring teeth with the help of specific aesthetic filling materials, without any need of reshaping the teeth. Aesthetic Treatment Types varies as Orthodontic Treatment, Whitening, Composite (whitening with light padding), Porcelain Laminate, Zirconium Crowns, Laser applications and implant treatments. One of the latest innovations in cosmetic dentistry are the non- metal-ceramic crowns (teeth coatings).



  • Send your pictures of the area to be treated as requested by the medical guide
  • After the evaluation done by the surgeon your medical consultant will send you the quotation depending on your situation he/she will also specify the details of the treatment.
  • To confirm your reservation, choose a convenient date for you and confirm its availability with your medical consultant.
  • Send a copy of your flight ticket to receive confirmation


  • The transportation team will be waiting to you at the arrivals holding your name on a board, they will then drop you to your hotel to rest
  • The next day you will be picked from the hotel to do the tests and proceed with the treatment.
  • On the last day we will bring you again to the hospital to do the final check up and receive all the instructions
  • Our transportation team will also drop you back to the airport


  • Your medical consultant will keep in touch with you to respond to all your enquiries
  • Send your pictures in the periods requested by your medical consultant to follow up your situation


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